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  • Roll-up tent bags

Storage bags


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Since mid-2023 each tarp or tent comes with its own storage bag, with a roll-up closure. This system makes it easy to adjust the volume of the bag to get the most compact tent possible.

The bags are made from the same fabric as the tent, in silpoly or silnylon. This fabric is waterproof, but the seams are not, so the bags are water resistant but not completely waterproof.

In the reinforced version, these bags are made from ground fabric (Nylon 70D PU): heavier, but also more resistant to abrasion. The buckle size is increased from 10mm to 15mm.

VolumeFull maximum dimensions of the closed bag
diameter x length
Associated tents
2.1 L
12 x 19 cm
Pioulou ST
2.5 L
12 x 22 cm
Pioulou XL ST
2.9 L
12 x 26 cm

Aston ST
Innertent Pioulou

3.2 L
12 x 28 cm
Innertent Pioulou XL
3.9 L
15 x 22 cm

Aston XL ST
Innertent Aston

4.8 L
15 x 27 cm
Pioulou (complete)
Aston XL
5.7 L
15 x 32 cm
Pioulou XL complet
6.1 L
18 x 24 cm
Caroux 2
6.9 L
18 x 27 cm
Aston complet
7.9 L
18 x 31 cm
Aston XL complet
Fabrics : Silpoly or silnylon, from 20D to 40D, usually olive green. Other colours on request, subject to availability.

Weight : 10 to 25g depending on size and fabric

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Roll-up tent bags

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