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2 persons - 1028g


This Caroux 2 is a 2-person version of the Caroux single-wall tent. It's a one-off made from ends of 20D silpoly rolls, this is why the panels are a mixture of colours (blue and olive). The floor is made of 70D PU 10,000mm nylon (strong).

New, pitched once outside. Immediately available.


The Caroux2  is a very light single-wall tent for two persons. Ideal for summer and mid-season, it will provide perfect protection from the rain in moderate winds.

It can be pitched high, offering a large sleeping space. Ventilation is ensured by a 5cm strip of mosquito netting around the entire perimeter of the tent. It is set up with two poles or hiking poles inside the tent, passing through a reinforcement.

In case of very bad weather (high wind), it is possible to pitch it very low to the ground. In this configuration wind resistance is high, but inside space is very reduced and the sleeper will touch the rainfly with head and feet : low pitch is not meant to be used on a regular basis.


  • Durable fabrics (20D silpoly for rainfly + 70D nylon PU for ground)
  • Seams are factory sealed
  • With a high pitch, a 200cm sleeper is still far from the walls !
  • Closure by superposition of two pieces of fabric + adjustable buckles for easy access
  • Zipper option available
  • Can be fully opened for warm nights
  • The door can be kept open without wetting the sleeping area in case of rain
  • Low pitch possible for very bad weather (very reduced space !)

  • Dimensions :
    • Rainfly : Length 280cm, width 256cm, height 125cm (high) to 105cm (low)
    • Ground fabric : Length 228cm, width 130cm
    • => For hikers up to 200cm
  • Materials :
    • Rainfly : Silpoly 20D (polyester sil / sil) 2.500mm (Olive+blue)
    • Innertent : Ground fabric :  Nylon 70D PU 10.000mm
    • Vents and inner door : Mosquito netting no-see-um
    • Zipper (inner door) : YKK #5
    • Fasteners : Mini Lineloc + polyester/dyneema cord
  • Standard : 1028g
  • Volume : diameter : … cm / Length : … cm

 More information about the different fabrics.


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Pitching instructions for Caroux 1 : pdf

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