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The Olivier shelter was initially developed by Oli_v_ier from the online site and forum Recognized as a light, versatile and very wind-resistant shelter, it is quite easy to manufacture and has therefore enabled a large number of ultra-light hikers to make it their own. More informations here: Les "abris Olivier"

Since not everyone has the desire or the possibility to make this shelter themselves, we decided to offer it in a slightly reworked and easy to pitch version.

The strong points :

  • Versatile: The Olivier shelter is a flat tarp, so it allows a wide variety of pitches: it will shelter one person in closed "storm" mode, or 2 in semi-open mode. It can also be used as a hammock shelter.
  • Excellent resistance to bad weather: with a pair of poles >135cm and its small 160cm arched pole at the feet it will be able to face very strong winds. Two side guylines stabilize the rainfly and keep it away from the sleeper.
  • Lightweight: the weight of the canvas is between 305 and 365g depending on the fabric, to which must be added the arched pole (70g) and the 6 to 11 stakes (approximately 100g), for a total of around 450 to 550g. A piece of polycree, an overbag or the dedicated footprint will allow you to place your belongings dry.

Detailed specifications

  • Weight: 305g in 20D silnylon / 365g in 30D silpoly
  • Flat dimensions: 230 x 300 cm
  • Folded dimensions: 11 x 15 cm (diameter x length)
  • Top reinforcement for the poles + Velcro for holding.
  • 6 attachments adjustable by lineloc.
  • 2 attachments per lineloc-clip for easy entry and exit.
  • 2 additional ties at the ends of the central seam, particularly useful when used with a hammock.
  • Interior attachment for the arched pole.
  • Additional external attachment for use without the arched pole (reduced wind resistance).
  • Waterproof seams




Expands with


Water column /

Tear strength



(diam x length)

Silnylon 20D

Yes (<1%)
>2.500mm / >7 DaN
305 g
11 x  13 cm

Silpoly 30D


>3.000mm / >7 DaN

365 g
11 x  15 cm

(Weights and volumes are indicated with cord, guylines, stuff bag and without pole or stakes) More information about the different fabrics here.

=> Minimalist versions are 43g lighter, see below

Arched pole

The arched pole makes it possible to tighten the bottom of the shelter and thus obtain excellent wind resistance. Highly recommended over tree limit. Due to its small size (160cm) and the small amount of fabric supported, an ultra-light version is more than strong enough.

The recycled hoops are recovered, checked and reassembled to the dimensions of the Olivier shelter. Weight is approximately 90g. Depending on availability, this option is not always possible.

The new hoops are made of DAC NSL 8.05mm for a final weight of 70g.


Up to 11 stakes can be used to secure the shelter in "storm" mode. The “Dural” stakes are ultra-light, the “Rockpin” stakes are very strong. We usually recommend a mix of the two (6 Rockpins + 5 Dural). Storage bag included.

Weight :

  • 11 Dural: 75g
  • 11 Rockpin: 180g
  • Mix 6 Rockpins + 5 Dural: 130g

Additional guylines +4g / guyline

The basic version includes a main guyline at the door + 2 side guylines. The shelter can thus be set up in "storm" mode without additional cord. The additionnal guylines allow you to create semi-open or fully open pitchies, or to do without the arched pole by using the additional external guyline (reduced wind resistance in this case).

Characteristics: 1mm polyester/dyneema, with adjustment by clamcleat + quick storage by cordlock

Minimalist version -43g

Version without guy line, lineloc, adjustable rope or velcro. All the reinforcements and fasteners are present, but consist of a simple loop of webbing. We thus obtain a minimalist version with a reduced weight of 43 grams. Plan to add a few meters of cord depending on the pitch.

Carbon pole : 89g

If you do not use trekking poles, an adjustable carbon pole is available.


We make an associated footprint available here.


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