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1 person - 292g - Ultralight backpacking


Pioulou is a shelter for 1 person weighing only 292g (with silpoly 15D fabric).

For people up to 1m90 (6'3") (see actual height here), it allows to sleep, to sit and easily change clothes inside the shelter.

Pioulou is also available with an inner tent here.

Practical details:

  • Uses a single walking stick (optional pole)
  • Offers 360° protection
  • 6 guylines ensure excellent wind resistance
  • No zip, increased durability
  • Closure by superposition of two pieces of fabric + 2 adjustable buckles for easy access
  • Can be fully opened for warm nights
  • The door can be kept open without wetting the sleeping area in case rain

Choice of fabrics:
Three combinations of fabric have been selected:

Fabric choice
Expands with moisture
Impermeability / Tear strength
WeightVolume (cm)
UltralightSilpoly 15D
no>2500mm / >3 kg
292 g

11 x 18 cm

Silpoly 20D
>2500mm / >4 kg
337 g
11 x 18 cm
Silnylon 40D

>2500mm / > 14kg

428 g

13 x 21 cm

(Weights and volumes are indicated with the ultralight attachment option, without  pole or pegs)

(The volume can be compressed easily)

More information about the different fabrics here.

Colors usually in stock:

  • Silpoly 15D: Grey-green (Foliage)
  • Silpoly 20D : Grey-green (Foliage)
  • Silnylon 40D: Dark green
If you want to change the fabric combinations or the color, please contact us.

Peg attachment:

The peg attachments consist in a reinforcement and a strap loop. On this loop, several types of adjusters are available:
  • Normal : 2mm cord adjustable with Lineloc3 (+13g).

  • Ultra-light (UL)  attachment: 3 loops of 1.5mm cord.

Additional Options:

  • Without guylines: Attachments are present, but the adjustable guyline is not included. You use your own guylines: -12g
  • We seal seams after manufacturing. However, you can choose to make it yourself (you will need a silicone sealant, like silnet). This reduces our working time and therefore the price.
  • Set of 10 titanium pegs : +65g
  • Aluminium pole : +202g
  • Inner tent : Please contact us

Pitching instructions : pdf

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