January 2022

News for the innertents of the "N" versions:

  • The solid (yellow) fabric used on these versions is now a 20D nylon, still windproof and water repellent but with a reduced weight.
  • The classic mosquito netting is replaced by Monolite (or Monofil) fabric, which is much more resistant to aggression (thorns, scratches), has a water-repellent treatment, is extremely breathable and is still very light!

November 2021

After numerous and very positive tests, we are now using a recycled silpoly 20D. Our experience shows that it is more resistant, more waterproof, and adds only a few grams (43g/sqm against 42g/sqm for the old version). This increase in weight is compensated for by optimised reinforcements and fasteners.


New stuffs introduced in 2021:

  • New Pioulou XL for the tall ones !
  • Inner tent attachments made of elastic strap for faster adjustment.   
  • New guyline attachments.
  • New flap for the zippers.
  • New reinforcement.
  • New puller system on the twin needle sewing machine gives high regularity on bias seams.
  • CNC + laser cutting for unbeatable precision!