End of March 2024

Over a year ago, we began a major project to optimise the needle/thread/stitch parameters for waterproof seams. After a great deal of experimentations in the workshop, combined with numerous tests in the field under varying degrees of rain, we are now pleased to offer tents with seams that no longer need to be waterproofed. The only exceptions are the top reinforcement and the seams of the groundsheets (the latter are only present on the largest tents). These seams will therefore be sealed directly in the workshop (using silicone or tape as appropriate).
Direct consequences: the seams are more aesthetically pleasing, the new thread is stronger, and the overall weight of the tent has been reduced by a few grams.

New guyline assembly: The direction of assembly has been reversed, with the guylines now sliding on the tent side rather than the stake side. This means the cord is much less exposed to friction and will last longer. Still fitted with a mini cordlock for quick storage and deployment.

End of December 2023

On leaving the workshop, the tents and shelters are always weighed. A comparison of the actual weights with the advertised weights was carried out, and it emerged that the weights advertised during 2023 were generally overestimated (by around 4%). The descriptions have therefore been updated with lower weights :-)

At the end of December, we also had to face the facts and increase the price of some tents, particularly the innertents, which were under-priced compared to the rainflies.

October 2023

A few upgrades :

  • The top reinforcements are now all made from 500D cordura (super strong).
  • The zip on the Caroux mosquito net is now 5cm higher than before, so there's no risk of it dragging on the ground and collecting dust or sand.
  • The connection between the innertent and the rainfly is now made by a ring + adjustable hook: this makes it more universal to use and the device is ultimately lighter. Works well even when you can't see it.

June 2023

New poles for Pioulou and Caroux tents. The use of 12 and 14 mm diameter carbon tubes makes them super-strong, while still weighing an ultra-light 89 g. Adjustable from 105 to 129 cm for greater versatility.

May 2023

New transport bags with roll-up fasteners: they make our tents even more compact and easy to pack. They increase the weights by a few grams more, but the space saving is worth it!

April 2023

Many thanks to Mekong Packraft for their double TPU coated fabric scraps: the new guylines and door fasteners are made with it.

Strong, light, no water absorption and with a material that could have ended up in the garbage !

February 2023

After a (very) long wait, it's finally here: the single-wall, ultra-light version of the Pioulou : the Caroux.
Designed for maximum lightness while keeping a comfortable interior space. Weight of 520g in the ultra-light version.
Mounted at ground level, the space will be very small but will allow it to face strong winds.
In short, a great 2-3 season shelter.

January 2023

New fabrics and discontinuation of the N and R denominations: you can now freely mix the different options.

In the standard version, we are now using an excellent silpoly 30D. A little heavier than the previous one, but 2x more resistant to tearing and piercing !

As an ultra-light option, a silnylon 20D with an exceptional strength to weight ratio is offered. Its lower weight than silpoly makes it possible to make even lighter shelters.

October 2022

Addition of small polyester-dyneema loops on the Pioulous to allow the doors to be blocked independently at ground level in case of very strong wind.

The inside of the door fasteners are no longer elastic but made of nylon with a double TPU coating, so there is no risk of water entering by capillarity.

August 2022

Guylines are now equipped with a mini-cordlock allowing to easily fold and unfold. A few grams more for a much tidier shelter and guylines that are much easier to use in bad weather.

June 2022

New ultralight fasteners : this is a "mini" version of the classic linelocs that works with 1.25mm rope. Just as practical and strong.  Its durability (friction) is theoretically lower, but it is very easy to replace if needed. Weight gain of -7g on a Pioulou.

April 2022

New cords for the guylines: polyester / dyneema size 1.0mm for the N versions, 1.25mm for the R versions: we lose between 5 and 10 grams per tent while retaining more than enough resistance.

Optimisation of the doors for the Pioulou models with an additional loop allowing the use of one stake per door in case of high wind.

End of the Orlu tent: it is difficult to maintain several types of models in parallel, I prefer to concentrate on the smaller and lighter models for the moment.

March 2022

New design for the Pioulou and PioulouXL:

The size of the rainfly remains the same, but two side seams have been dropped in favor of a single back seam: this results in a much "rounder" tent, with a slightly enlarged interior space. The ground attachment of the doors has been re-grouped and now requires only one stake. Overall tension has been optimized. The weight is reduced by a few grams.

The design of the Pioulou innertent has been completely redrawn, it is now a little longer for a slightly larger interior space and a seamless floor fabric with a height of 15cm on the back and sides: no risk of flooding through the floor! The weight increases by about 10 grams.

January 2022

News for the innertents of the "N" versions:

  • The solid (yellow) fabric used on these versions is now a 20D nylon, still windproof and water repellent but with a reduced weight.
  • The classic mosquito netting is replaced by Monolite (or Monofil) fabric, which is much more resistant to aggression (thorns, scratches), has a water-repellent treatment, is extremely breathable and is still very light!

November 2021

After numerous and very positive tests, we are now using a recycled silpoly 20D. Our experience shows that it is more resistant, more waterproof, and adds only a few grams (43g/sqm against 42g/sqm for the old version). This increase in weight is compensated for by optimised reinforcements and fasteners.


New stuffs introduced in 2021:
  • New Pioulou XL for the tall ones !
  • Inner tent attachments made of elastic strap for faster adjustment.   
  • New guyline attachments.
  • New flap for the zippers.
  • New reinforcement.
  • New puller system on the twin needle sewing machine gives high regularity on bias seams.
  • CNC + laser cutting for unbeatable precision!