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Pioulou is a 1 person double wall tent for hikers and travelers looking for a light, simple and comfortable shelter. Designed for people up to 1m85 (6'1") , it allows to sleep, sit and easily change clothes inside the shelter. Its pyramidal form is great for shedding bad weather, and the vestibule is large enough to protect a good amount of gear.

One of the main feature of this tent is the absence of zipper on the rainfly doors : these close by superposition, and are easily opened by two buckles. The tent is therefore lighter, but also more durable as zippers are known to be a weak point on long-term use.

A version with zipper is also available.


  • Durable fabrics (30D silpoly for rainfly + 70D nylon PU for ground)
  • Seams are factory sealed
  • 6 guylines ensure excellent wind resistance
  • Closure by superposition of two pieces of fabric + adjustable buckles for easy access
  • Zipper option available
  • Can be fully opened for warm nights
  • The door can be kept open without wetting the inner in case of rain
  • Rainfly and inner can be pitched independently (Rainfly pitches first).

  • Dimensions :
    • Rainfly : Length 300cm, width 161cm, height 125cm
    • Innertent : Length 240cm, width 70-82cm, height 115cm
    • => For hikers up to 185cm
  • Materials :
    • Rainfly : Silpoly 30D (polyester sil / sil) 3.000mm (Olive green)
    • Innertent : Ground fabric :  Nylon 70D PU 10.000mm
    • Innertent : 75% windcutter fabric nylon 20D + 25% no-see-um
    • Zipper : YKK #5
    • Fasteners : Linelocs + polyester/dyneema cord 2mm
    • Guylines included x6 : polyester/dyneema cord yellow + clamcleat
  • Standard weight : 815g
    • Rainfly : 395g (bag + guylines included)
    • Innertent : 420g
  • Weight with ultralight fabrics + full mosquito netting : 655g
    • Rainfly : 330g (bag + guylines included)
    • Innertent : 325g
  • Volume : diameter : 14 cm / Length : 20 cm

Due to slight differences in fabric coating, announced weights may vary around +/-5% : More information about the different fabrics.

Rainfly options

Ultralight fabric : -65g
Changes the standard fabric (silpoly 30D) for an ultralight fabric with high resistance/weight ratio (silnylon 20D sil/sil 2.500mm). Wind and weather resistance remains similar. In wet weather, the silnylon may stretch slightly. This remains insensitive if the rainfly was well tensed from the start. If necessary, increasing the height of the pole by a few cm allows the rainfly to be tightened. Durable, but will require a little more care than 30D silpoly.

Custom color :

Current stock color
Availables colors
Silpoly 30D
Olive green
Link here
Silnylon 20D (option)
Olive green
Link here

If you wish one of the available color, please select the "custom color" option and tell us via email your choice.

Door with zipper : +25g

This option changes the opening system for a YKK #5 zipper with 2 sliders. See photo here

Reinforced : +80g

Fasteners, buckles and webbing are changed for 15mm version (standard 10mm). Zipper YKK #8 (very strong). For the innertent, standard 15D mosquito netting is changed for 30D mosquito netting.

Storage bag fabric changed for 70D PU.

Options for the innertent Mosquito netting only: -15g

Changes the windproof yellow fabric for mosquito netting. Recommended for use in warm countries.

Ultralight ground fabric -80g

Changes the ground fabric (Nylon 70D PU 10.000mm) for ultralight silpoly 20D PU 4000mm fabric. It saves weight, but you will need to be gentle and/or use it with an extra groundsheet.


Stakes : 140g

A set of 12 stakes is available : we chose high quality aluminium stakes made in the Netherlands :
  • 6 Rockpin stakes to anchor your tipi on the hardest grounds
  • 6 UL duraluminium stakes for guylines when the weather turns bad.

Photo of the set here.

Carbon pole : 89g

If you do not use trekking poles, an adjustable carbon pole is available.

Footprint :
Corresponding footprint is available on this page.


Pitching instructions : pdf

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