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2 persons - from 1040 to 1910g 


The Aston tipi has been conceived to protect two person from bad weather while keeping weight to a minimum. It accommodates two people with the innertent, and three people without it. For people taller than 1m85 (6'1"), it is recommended to use the bigger model Aston XL.

The Aston tipi has 8 anchor points to the ground, as well as 7 guylines points, for excellent wind resistance. Unlike most tipis, the central pole is shifted forward, outside of the inner tent. This allows for a pleasant living space between sleepers.

Details :
  • Large vestibule
  • Polyester fabric doesn't expand when exposed to moisture
  • Adjustable fasteners
  • Sealed seams
  • Quick and easy pitching by one person
  • Rainfly pitches first
  • Rainfly and inner tent can be pitched independently
  • Large vent above the vestibule to manage condensation
  • The door can be opened without wetting the inner tent

Dimensions : Side view and above view


You can choose between two versions of this tent,  N or R. Both have the same dimensions, but use different fabrics and zipper.

  • Aston N is the normal version, the best choice for most hikers and travellers. Fabrics are light yet strong.
  • Aston R is the reinforced version, for long-distance trips and rough terrain. Fabrics have been chosen with emphasis on resistance and durability, and zippers are stronger.

Aston N
Aston R
Silpoly 20D recycled (2.500mm) Dark Olive
Silpoly 40D (3.500mm) olive green
Inner fabric
85% Solid inner + 15% netting monolite
85% Solid inner + 15% netting
Nylon PU 40D (10.000mm)
Nylon PU 70D (10.000mm)

Ground fasteners

Lineloc + 2mm PES/dyneema cord

Lineloc + 2mm PES/dyneema cord

YKK #5 (standard)
YKK #8 (strong)
Guylines included

1.0mm PES/dyneema x7

1.25mm PES/dyneema x7

Volume (diam x length)
15 x 35 cm
15 x 42 cm
Weight :
Rainfly + innertent

550 g + 510 g = 1060 g

750 g + 680 g = 1430 g

Weight : Mix of 15 pegs

180 g
180 g
Weight : Pole optional
(you can use your trekking poles or pole extension instead)
325 g
325 g

MAX weight :
Rainfly + inner + pegs + pole

1565 g
1940 g

Weight hike with trekking poles :
Rainfly + inner + pegs

1240 g
1610 g

Due to slight differences in fabric coating, announced weights may vary around +/-5% : More information about the different fabrics.

Rainfly optionsSeam sealing :
 You can do it yourself with a silicone sealant : it reduces our manufacturing time and therefore the price.

Custom color :

Current stock color
Availables colors
Version N
Dark Olive
Link here
Version R
Olive Green
Link here

If you wish one of the available color, please select the "custom color" option and tell us via email your choice.

Ultralight ground fasteners : -10g

This option changes the classic linelocs fasteners (2mm polyester/dyneema cord) for an ultralight version (1.25mm polyester/dyneema cord + UL linelocs). Storm resistance is similar. See photo here.

Ground fasteners by webbing + stainless rings : +95g

This option changes the linelocs fasteners for adjustable loops of webbing. The adjustment is very easy, ultra-durable and gives large versatility on snow or other difficult terrains. See photo here.

Change fabric for Silnylon 40D :

This option allows you to change the rainfly fabric for silnylon 40D (green). More information about the fabrics here.

Options for the innertent Mosquito netting only: -30g for N version

Changes the windproof yellow fabric for mosquito netting. Recommended for use in hot countries.

Ultralight ground fabric -80g

Changes the ground fabric for ultralight silpoly 20D PU 4000mm fabric. It saves weight, but you will need to be very careful, or use it with an extra groundsheet.


Stakes : 180g

A set of 15 stakes is available : we chose high quality aluminium stakes made in the Netherlands :
  • 8 Rockpin stakes to anchor your tipi on the hardest grounds
  • 7 UL duraluminium stakes for guylines when the weather turns bad.

Photo of the set here.

Extension tube : 38g

The required length of the central pole is 155cm. We advise to use both of your trekking poles strapped together with the included webbing. This solution is the lightest and very resistant : instuctions here (pdf).

If you use a single trekking pole, you can use the tube extension : this aluminium tube allows you to gain about 25cm of height on your trekking pole.

Mostert central pole : 325g

If you do not use trekking poles, a light and strong mostert pole is available.

2 separate carrying bags :

This option allows you to get 2 separate bags instead of a single one:  one for the rainfly and one for the innertent.

Footprint :

Corresponding footprint is available on this page.


Pitching instructions : pdf

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